The future of digital marketing in South Africa is here. But what exactly does this mean for us? There are many questions surrounding the future of online and digital marketing campaigns in South Africa. How will this affect consumers, individuals and businesses in SA?

Let’s take a look at the future of digital marketing in South Africa in an in-depth manner…

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Even though it is still true that a traditional marketing strategy remains an important part of the marketing of any business, digital marketing is fast becoming the dominant way of advertising a company. However, this is not limited to only businesses. But in fact, any individual can make use of digital marketing to self-promote themselves.

The future of digital marketing in SA is one that won’t only benefit companies but individuals as well as entrepreneurs will be focusing heavily on this form of marketing. Why? Because it is used to increase overall sales by using the internet to make money.

Digital marketing offers various advantages over the traditional marketing strategies of the past, such as the following:

  • It is much less expensive.
  • It also takes a lot less time to get up and running.
  • Online marketing reaches the audience much faster.
  • You receive a lot of better responses from your target market.

Digital Marketing Is Faster

You will also find that investing in online marketing will require a lot lower initial investment to get it up and running than you would spend with a traditional marketing strategy. It will take much less time for you to deliver your content to your online consumers. This is a critical aspect in today’s extremely fast-paced consumer-driven environment.

When you consider that the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) of a print marketing campaign is anything from 14 to 25 days, it is obvious where the benefits of running an instant digital online marketing campaign come in. You can create a fully functional and fit for a purpose email campaign is less than three days. This will equal to a smaller investment in terms of money and time from you and also present the opportunity to actually reach your consumers with extremely time-sensitive information while reacting rather quickly to the various changing market conditions.

Your time and cost advantages will be extremely beneficial when you consider the response rates that you will receive from replies to your online marketing efforts. You can also reach your target market with one pass, instead of what you would have to achieve with a traditional marketing campaign.

A practical example of this would be when you send an email marketing message to your mailing list and a few of your audience members find your email interesting enough to forward it to their contacts. This can easily create a viral chain reaction which could help you to get your message out to thousands of prospective customers.

Types Of Digital Marketing In South Africa

You will find that most of the digital marketing campaigns’ goals are simple. They simply endeavour to attract a lot more traffic and prospects to the site and to increase their conversion rate. This remains one of the most simple of all ways to maintain an edge over your competitors and invest in an effective online marketing campaign in South Africa. You should always try to draw a lot of attention to the newest innovations and maximise the success of your online marketing endeavours.

Your internet marketing endeavours can literally reach millions and millions of people around the world in a matter of seconds. This is an amazing way for you to increase the reach of your company and brand globally.

There are different types of digital marketing campaigns in South Africa that you can consider investing in. It’s simply crucial for you to identify the different types of online marketing ideas so that you will be able to know which campaign will suit your needs and business the best. Digital marketing consists of different elements, including the following:

  • SEM practices, or better known as search engine marketing. This is where you make use of PPC and SEO techniques which will then place your site at the top of the search results for specific keywords. It is also some of the most popular of all online marketing campaigns available.
  • PPC is a form of advertising where you create ads to reflect on different search results from different search engines. Here you will also target the specific keywords of a given area. If you’d like to read more about PPC advertising, check out my Google Adsense Guide.
  • Viral marketing is the use of different types of online marketing in order for you to promote your brands and products.
  • PPI is the form of pay per impression marketing. This can include banner advertising or other forms of paid advertising
  • Email marketing remains one of the most productive ways of taking care of your online marketing requirements. Email Marketing is an affordable and achievable way of driving new business to your site and attracting prospective and qualified consumers to your product and site.

Run A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign In South Africa

In today’s increasingly competitive economy, South African companies are simply unable to survive without successfully using digital marketing to their advantage. Many companies are using technology to gain an edge over their competitors, and if you’re not doing the same then you should be.

Digital marketing has become one of the most important tools for helping companies to weather this tough economic climate. Digital marketing will continue to be the way of the future. And, the future of digital marketing in South Africa is very much on the rise.

However, in order to successfully run a digital and online marketing campaign to your benefit and still getting a great return on your investment will require some level of expertise.  Following are only some tips you can follow to help put your online marketing skills to good use for your company’s website:

  • SEO is the best – The influence of SEO in effectively promoting a site online can’t be refuted. Attaining a great ranking for specific keywords remains one of the very best ways to build your online presence. You will find that both on and off-page optimisation are equally crucial to obtaining the best results. You should always use properly researched meta tags and titles along with your keywords for appropriate optimisation. SEO is the future of digital marketing in South Africa.
  • Content Is King – You should take content as the starting point of your digital marketing. Before taking on anything else you will need to ensure that you have a blog on your site or start a blog. With blogs, you have the chance to effectively update your readers on the latest happenings of your company and relay everything relevant to your company. You also provide a platform for your customers to interact with you and give you their opinions. You should put real efforts into building up a community on the blog as a way of engaging your customers through your blog.
  • Making use of the social media presence of the brand – Large social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ should be used to spur new traffic along to your site as well as to drive relevant leads to your site. Limit the bounce rate by always improving on your conversion rate and make use of the available tools to help you achieve this

Get Started With Digital Marketing In South Africa

You will soon find that the true secret to running a successful business online is all in your digital marketing strategy. As with a similar offline marketing strategy you will need to rely on the relevant answers to important questions that your audience asks. You should first off get to know your customer extremely well. You will need to be able to answer questions such as who exactly is your customer. As well as know what exactly it is that your customer is looking for. These are only two of the most important questions to ask.

The next thing to ask is to figure out what you can offer your clients to satisfy their requirements and needs. You will need to take a bit of time and analyse your services and products. What differentiates your services and products from those of your competitors? How can you carry this message through to your customers? And most importantly you will need to figure out on what grounds you will be able to engender their trust in your company?

Performing the required research will help you to find all the answers to your questions of what your customer actually want and need. You should also research the types of products that your customers want the most in the virtual market. However, you will soon find that your most important research will concern that of your competitors.

After you actually identify your competitors you will need to look at what they are doing and the types of promotional tactics that are used to promote their sites and services and products. It would make a lot of sense for you to actually follow their different online marketing trends and strategies and keeping an eye on their PPC campaigns as well as link building and Adsense efforts.

Doing this type of research thoroughly will help you to kick start your digital marketing campaign off to a very successful start. Take note of what your competitors are doing and always try to improve on their efforts.

Concluding The Future Of Digital Marketing In South Africa

You should recognise the truth behind your pricing and brand playing a large role in your digital marketing efforts. This means that you will need to decide on which strategies you are going to employ to provide you with the correct feedback you’ll require. Should you sell your products through various distribution channels then you should not forget to create a campaign for each of your channels.

Furthermore, you should take note of the following are you are planning a Digital marketing campaign in SA:

  • Take the time to plan your online marketing campaigns correctly in order to meet the annual volume and revenue goals. As an example should you attempt to generate a hundred new customers for the company, determine the number of leads you will need and by when you will actually need them.
  • Consider the many different types of media that you can use. As an example, your sales will need to generate up to 30% of the leads through the traditional prospecting. The rest you will need to receive from direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, webinars, direct mail campaigns and other avenues.
  • You should then identify the different goals you have for your business which will require marketing support. You might also need the campaigns which will then generate and in turn nurture your prospects and to sell directly through a specific channel to market to your customers.
  • In turn, you will need to evaluate different options and ideas that are ranging from the traditional sales activities of your sales force to the internet marketing channels and the direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns. Using more specific targeting of your audience you will be able to better raise the response rates to your marketing endeavours and campaigns.
  • Choose your call to action carefully. If you are to include every detail of the company in your call to action it can quite easily inundate your prospect. Instead, be creative in your call to action and concentrate on only one or two different calls to action with which you can grab their attention and engage with them and in that way increase your conversion rate.

A digital marketing campaign might take a bit of planning and thought, but the rearwards will far outweigh what you put into it.