Email marketing is one of the oldest methods to generate income online. However, since new methods and ways of making an income online have evolved, email marketing often gets forgotten. But it is so effective and still works to this day.

Without effective promotion and marketing no company will be able to attract and retain consumers who will bring in new business for the company.

The internet has brought on an entirely new branch to marketing which is called digital marketing. This term is a broad term which expands on a lot of different internet marketing activities which are performed online.

There are various avenues that you can take when preparing your online email marketing campaign for the South African market.

All of these different strategies have the potential of providing you with an effective way of driving customers to your website. Which will in turn, lead to more sales.

This is the goal of every online email marketing campaign. And that is simply to achieve more sales.

What Is Online Email Marketing In South Africa?

Email marketing companies makes use of email marketing in order to email and communicate with prospective customers and existing clients.

This is done with the express intent of marketing a product, service or item to them. The emails will be sent to an existing database of customers or can be sent to a cold list of customers.

Sometimes the intent of an email marketing campaign is to simply create brand or product awareness. However, the ultimate goal of this awareness is to eventually lead to sales.

The organisation will then be able to product a huge database of potential customers by getting them to willingly relinquish their email addresses to them either through newsletter sign ups or through other consensual ways.

A cold list of people is a group of consumers who may not have had any previous dealings with a company or who have failed to give their consent to be mailed.

There are email companies who are particularly interested in sourcing good potential prospects in order to email their marketing emails to.

This is a specific way of gaining a good way of prospective email addresses to email. It is also one of the main reasons why people make use of experienced email marketing companies to build up their databases for them. Invest in a professional email marketing company.

To make email marketing work for you, it is imperative to set up your online email marketing properly. And track what works well or not. Every campaign is unique and different.

Why Use Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is an important component of digital marketing. Email Marketing has been around for quite a long time. And recently, has lost favour to mobile, social media and PPC marketing.

Some online experts have even suggested that email marketing is dead.

Fortunately, research has shown that email marketing along with strong content, is a very effective means of marketing online.

Email is one of the few forms of direct communication for sales conversions. That is why those who know, are not giving up on email marketing.

In addition to this, studies have also shown that the return on investment are over 4000% when making use of online email marketing.

How Email Marketing Works

There are many ins and outs to the way online email marketing works. This process of direct marketing is actually the process of selling products, items and services making use of an email message. It is extremely similar to making use of direct mail marketing efforts, which in effect will do the exact same thing.

However, the difference between these two measures is that one makes use of the postal system in order for their message to reach the prospective or existing customers. And, the other one makes use of the internet.

With email marketing online the company will create an email message and send the email to a number of recipients. The email marketing message is sent out in bulk to many different people at once. This is again similar to that of direct mailings. The email marketer will send out the message to many thousands of people at the same time, simply by having to click send on their mail marketing software.

This command will then inform the server to actually send the same message to all the mail addresses which is featured on that list. This will then execute the actual command which will send out thousands of messages at the same time. Making use of the most basic of hosting accounts will come with this functionality.

People who make use of email marketing normally has a list of email addresses from people who have signed up to their newsletters. Making use of the required software you can choose the different email addresses you would like to send the messages to. In this way you can target any consumers who actually expressed a direct interest in your services, products or items. There are various ways you can find out if the consumer is interested specifically in your products or services, such as if they have purchased similar products in the past or not.

These are only some of the points that explain how email marketing online works. You can make use of this powerful marketing strategy in your business too or entrepreneurial endeavour too.

Advantages of Email Marketing In South Africa

Using email marketing online to communicate with prospective or existing customers is an extremely affordable means of communication. It shares a lot of similarities with direct mail. However, email is certainly a lot faster, a lot easier and most importantly, cheaper to utilise.

Regardless of the type of business you run, or the type of products/services you sell, email marketing can definitely have a positive impact on your overall sales.

The benefits of online email marketing:

  • Increased Sales – It has been proven that the average person requires either hearing about or seeing your product an average of seven times before actually buying from you. If you use email marketing correctly you will be able to send various messages or a series of mails to your subscribers. This will educate them about your services and products. Your educated prospect will trust you. If you build up trust with your prospects then actually selling to them will be extremely easy.
  • Generating repeat business – Someone buying from you once is a great thing, however if the same person were to buy from you time and again, that would be even better. If the person were to refer his or her family members, friends and acquaintances, then that much the better! It does cost a company a lot more money acquiring a new customer than it does to retain existing customers, so you can use email marketing as your secret weapon to affordably generating repeat business from your existing clientele.
  • Increase of the order value – For the most part, a lot of industries find that email will provide them with a great way for up selling to their customers of up to 30%. This means that you can increase your order value up to 30% if used correctly.

These are only some of the many benefits that email marketing can afford you. You will need to do it properly in order to see all these benefits realize in your company.

Online Email Marketing Content

Content is the most important aspect of any online email marketing campaign. However, the aim is not to spam our prospective and current customers. But instead, the focus should be creating value for your potential/current customers.

It is not about how long or how flashuy the content is. But rather, it is about giving the most value to your readers. This creates trust and the start of a long relationship with these customers and your business/brand/product.

Effective online email marketing strengthens your relationship with your audience. And, it all starts with an effective and catchy subject line.

If your subject line is effective, the reader will have a much higher chance of opening the email. Otherwise they simply get ignored and discarded.

To get your message read, you should provide informative and quality content.

How To Use Online Email Marketing – Guidelines

Using email is an affordable yet extremely effective way or reaching your audience quickly. There are a few guidelines that you will need to follow in order for your promotional mail messages not getting lost in an overly full inbox of messages, or being deleted or sent to the spam folder without being opened.

If you are wondering what these guidelines are, then have a look at them here:

  • Being respectful – Your mailing list is the key to your email marketing’s success. The most efficient mailing list will contain email addresses of the people who are extremely likely to act on your call to action in the mail. You should manage your email marketing similar to the way you would your other business relationships. That is to say you should handle your mailing list with integrity and respect. If you do have any opt in opportunities in place you should make very sure that you are absolutely clear about the intent of the mailing list.
  • Keep it short and sweet – You should not lose your key messaging in any of the text which holds absolutely no value to any of your potential customers. You should remain direct and keep it rather short. Many people will simply scan your email for info which they deem to really be important. Should it be too long then they will certainly lose interest in the mail and simply delete it. You should be extremely efficient with your words. Many email management programs offer people a preview pane of about 4 inches wide. Use this to your advantage.
  • Building a strategy that works – when you set up your email marketing campaign you will need to establish a plan which will help you to meet all your goals. You will still need to make a lot of adjustments. Do not send emails simply for the sake of sending something – be clear about your intent for the mail and put a definite call to action into the message.

These are but some of the guidelines you can follow in order to set up an effective email marketing campaign.