Earning Extra Money On A Computer South Africa

Did you know that you could earn extra money in South Africa using your computer? Yip! You most certainly can and the best part is that you can start today. There are a number of ways in which you as a South African can make some cash online starting now. All you need is a computer/laptop, an Internet connection and some free time.

Whether you’re looking to make a full time living online or just looking to make some extra bucks, you’ll definitely find some great ideas below. How much money can you make? Well, it is important to remember that making money online in South Africa won’t get you rich overnight however, the more time and effort you put in the more you’ll get out.

There are definitely some scams out there on the Internet promising to make you lots of money. I’ve fallen victim to such scams and learned my lesson the hard way. I decided to create this guide so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did. I also wanted to provide a clear and definitive guide as to which are the best ways for making money online in South Africa.

In South Africa, there aren’t many homegrown organisations/companies/websites that provide easy ways for us to make extra cash however, due to the global world we live in it is easy for us to make use of some international resources online for making some income.

1) Take Surveys Online

This is a real no-brainer method of making money on the net and requires very little skill. And that is paid surveys online with Swagbucks. American companies spend millions of dollars each year on consumer opinion, and you can have a share of that money through paid survey programs.

You simply fill in surveys and actually get paid.
You get paid between $5 and $25 per survey taken, and there is plenty for you to do. Personally, I can use my internet time more productively, but if you are a complete novice this is certainly for you. Taking paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.
Earning around R2000 – R4000 per month doing this is not particularly difficult.

The paid survey market is a maze, however, and you will need some straightforward guidance on this method. Not all survey sites are suitable for South Africans.

For taking surveys, I recommend you sign up with the link below. It will save you heaps of time getting yourself up and running, and cuts out having to find the right paid survey affiliate to deal with, and you will get back that money with paid surveys within a day or two. I made some reasonable money with this method but moved on to more advanced and profitable methods.

South Africans are paid in US dollars for taking these surveys online. If you’re worried about not getting paid, you shouldn’t stress as I have been paid by them myself.

Note that it’s not quite as easy as they make it out to be. You can’t just pump out a survey in 5 minutes and earn $5. It will take you at least 20 min on any given survey. Longer surveys take more time, but usually, they pay out more. Take a couple and you will start to get an idea of your earnings per hour of work.

Also, don’t try to cheat. These guys kick out a lot of people who just want to get paid for nothing. Answer the questions honestly, provide insight and detail, and generally provide the valuable information that the companies handing out these surveys require. If you do this, you will generally be offered more surveys and better-paid surveys to do as time goes on.

Sign up with paid surveys here

2) Freelance on Fiverr, Earn Dollars

Fiverr is a worldwide freelancer website that offers a wide array of services for purchase for $5. You as a South African are able to create and promote your own services on Fiverr for a minimum of $5 dollars per service.

You’re probably wondering what kind of services you can sell on Fiverr? Well, I could sit here all day naming all of them but some popular services to provide on Fiverr are virtual assistant services, data capturing, content writing and the list goes on.

Think about the skills that you have online and that you’re able to easily use those skills to provide a service that people need or would be interested in.

For example, I’ve sold a service on Fiverr for a while whereby I install WordPress websites for people. There are tons of opportunities to make a really decent amount of money by selling your services on Fiverr.

Some examples of Job people have created for themselves on Fiverr include:

  1. I will do your homework for you for $5
  2. I will edit your photos for $5
  3. I will clean up your Google Drive for $5

Do you see where I’m going with this? You can promote so many different kinds of services on Fiverr. If you put the time and effort into promoting your services on Fiverr you can earn quite a lot of money in doing so.

Promote Your Services on Fiverr Here

3) Get Paid to View Adverts

Getting paid to simply view adverts is one of my favourite ways to generate some income online. It is also known as “Pay to click” or “PTC”.

The reason it is my favourite is that it requires very little brainpower and thinking. How does it work? Well, you sign up for Scarlet Clicks and start viewing adverts on their website.

Once the ad has loaded, you simply confirm you’ve seen it and like magic, you get credited money. There are many of these different “Pay to View Advert” websites out there, many of which are not great. That is why I recommend using Scarlet Clicks as it is the oldest and the most trusted of the PTC bunch with proven payouts, myself included.

Other Trusted Pay to Click Sites: NeoBux

4) Promote Products Online for Commission

Did you know that you can make money online by promoting products that aren’t yours and still receive a commission by getting people to purchase the items through your link?

It is super easy and can be a very lucrative way of making money online. All you have to do is sign up for the Bid or Buy affiliate program, choose the products you’d like to promote, and then promote those products on social media.

If people click on your link and make a purchase, you get a commission from that sale. As I mentioned above, the best place to find products to promote online in South Africa is Bid or buy

5) Make a Blog and Monetise With Adsense

This is perhaps the hardest way to make money on your computer in South Africa. However, having said that in the long term can be the most lucrative.

The great thing is that you don’t have to have any knowledge at all in order to create a website. Luckily today there are resources such as Squarespace that allow you to create professional-looking blogs and websites with an intuitive drag and drop visual builder.

Finding ways to monetize your blog or website is probably the hardest decision you’ll have to make but think about selling advertising or meaningful content that people are willing to pay for. Think outside the box when it comes to monetizing your website.

Google has the best and most popular advert programs for South Africans to monetize their websites. The advert below is an example of Google Adsense and monetizing your blog or website. I also have a method for making money with Adsense. You can check out the Adsense Guide here.

6) Create a YouTube Channel

A great way to make some passive income is by setting up a youtube channel and creating content. The content that you create for your Youtube channel is completely up to you. Just keep in mind that the more views your videos get, the more money you can make.

The best format for a YouTube channel is to review products that you’re familiar with. People nowadays are turning to videos instead of written content as it is easier to process and the information is easier to get across. It will take some time and some work to set up your Youtube Channel but once completed, can make you some nice passive income.

7) Share Your PC’s Resources – Peer Zone

This is by far the simplest and easiest way to make passive income in SA. The concept is pretty simple, all you have to do is sign up for Peer Zone, download their tiny software, and run the software in the background of your PC. Essentially what you’re doing is joining a network and are basically lending some of your PC’s resources so that developers can do testing.

This may sound scary but I can assure you that I’ve had this program running on multiple of my PCs for two years now and I’ve sometimes forgotten that it’s even running in the background. The best part is, it does not slow down your PC whatsoever. This method won’t make you rich but you can earn a fair bit of pocket money for literally doing nothing.