Who Is The Cheapest Web Host In SA?

If you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting in South Africa, Look no further than Frikkadel Hosting. In this post, I’ll explain why Frikkadel is not only the best hosting option in South Africa but also the best value for money. The word, “cheap” is often synonymous with low quality which in many cases is true. However, when it comes to great hosting solutions in South Africa the word cheap is most certainly not associated with low quality. I’ve been hosting with Frikkadel for a long time now and I can assure you they are the best in SA. Whether you’re starting a blog in South Africa. or looking to host an e-commerce website in SA, Frikkadel has the hosting/web solution for you.

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Why Should You Listen To Me About SA Hosting?

I’ve been a web designer for the last 5 years which you can only imagine means I’ve tried my fair share of South African hosting companies in that time. In fact, over the last two years I have made a concerted effort to try as many different hosting companies in the country as possible. To put it lightly, I’ve literally tried pretty much all the hosting companies in South Africa and I keep coming back to Frikkadel.

How Much Is Cheapest Web Hosting South Africa?

Frikkadel offers 3 different packages but the cheapest hosting package they have on offer is only R12 a month! I am currently using this service for this website and it is providing a great service. If Frikkadels R12 South African hosting package is too little for you, their next package up from this is only R34. You will honestly be hard pressed to find a cheaper hosting solution in SA that provides such a quality service.

What’s Included In Cheap Web Hosting SA?

Frikkadel offers many features as part of their R12 hosting solution. I’ll be discussing their cheapest package in particular. However, they have larger hosting packages which offer the same features as the cheapest package the only difference between the hosting packages by Frikkadel are the amount of space (MB) that they offer.. These larger hosting solutions are still cheaper than any other hosting company I’ve found in South Africa.

  • Full Access to CPanel
  • WordPress and other CMS platforms compatible
  • You get an UNLIMITED amount of Email accounts
  • Also, you can add as many sub-domains as you wish.

The points above are just some of the many features that come in ALL Frikkadels hosting packages. This is something that I really like about this particular SA hosting company. Most others take away features for cheaper packages however this is not the case with Frikkadel hosting. Even their cheapest hosting package offers the same features as the most expensive one. The only difference between the packages as I mentioned above is the space in megabytes that each offers. Below outlines all of the features as part of Frikkadels cheap. hosting packages in South Africa.


Besides for the features that are offered with Frikkadels cheap hosting service, they offer the best customer service in my opinion that cannot be found anywhere else in South Africa. Their support is really phenomenal and they make you feel like you matter as a client which is something that some of the bigger hosting companies in SA fail to do. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this amazing local service. I also compiled a list of the top 10 web hosting South Africa where Frikkadel came number 1.

Where Can I Sign Up For Cheap Web Hosting SA?

Follow the link below which will take you straight to Frikkadels website where you can choose your desired hosting package and get your South Africa website or blog up and running by the end of the day.

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