Imagine investing as little as R100 into your business to acquire a design that can take your business to new heights? This is very much a reality as I’ve discovered and will share with you the best and most affordable place for South African businesses and entrepreneurs to get a beautifully designed and suitable logo. That place is Fiverr. I’ll explain more below as well as the steps needed to take in order to get your South African business a great affordable logo.

Having a good logo for your business or brand in this day and age has become such an essential way of marketing that can often be overlooked by startups. Whilst a logo can do good for your business, a badly designed logo can be somewhat detrimental to your identity and image. For this reason, many businesses in South Africa know that they need a logo, but they also know that the process of acquiring a logo can be expensive. However…

This has all changed since I discovered that you can find a designer on Fiverr to design you the perfect logo for as little as R65.

What is Fiverr & Is it Trustworthy for Cheap Logo’s?

Fiverr is one of the biggest, if not the biggest freelancers platform and marketplace in which freelancers of many industries (including graphic design) are able to sell their services and you as a customer are able to purchase these services for as little as $5 which depending on the exchange rate usually works out to the R50-R65 mark.

The best part about Fiverr is that you can see other customer reviews and ratings for each particular job or “Gig” as it is called on Fiverr. This means you’re able to determine who the best freelancers are and who suits the bill to design your affordable logo. You’re also able to see examples of the work these freelancers have done for other clients which help make a your decision easier.

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Why is a logo important for your South African Business?

A logo is so important to your business in South Africa. It helps distinguish your brand, product, or services from the rest of your competition. It is a way of creating a brand as well and an identity for your business. A logo helps people and customers remember you and identify with your business. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world like Apple, Nike, etc. How important do you think their logo is to their brand? Very important right? This applies to businesses of all sizes, even the smallest of start-ups. So I definitely recommend Fiverr as a great place to get your affordable logos designed.

Steps to Buying a Cheap Logo in South Africa on Fiverr:

Getting an affordable logo on Fiverr in South Africa is as simple as signing up, searching for “logo design” and then browsing as per your requirements. However, if you’ve never visited or used Fiverr before then I recommend going through my steps below which outline with screenshots how you can successfully acquire a logo for your small business or brand in South Africa that is both professional and affordable.

1) Head to Fiverr & Sign up

Simply head over to Fiverr and sign up by creating an account.

2) Use Search to “Find Services”

Here we’ll type in “logo design”

3) Choose an Affordable Logo style

As you can see in the screenshot, you’re able to choose the general style of logo you want. Don’t worry if this is not exactly what you’re looking for just yet. You” get to specify exactly what you want to the designer after you’ve made the purchase but we’ll get to that soon. For the sake of this example, I’m going to choose the “minimalist style.

4) Choose your Budget Range

Next, you have the option to choose the budget range in terms of the amount you’re willing to spend on your new logo. Because we’re discussing affordable and cheap logos in South Africa, I’m going to choose the $5-$25 range which is about R60-R300. Once you’ve chosen the budget it will ask the date on which you need it. Once you have chosen the date, Fiverr will provide a list of logo designers it believes best matches your requirements.

5) Browse & Choose You Desired Logo Designer

Now that Fiverr has given us the best logo designers we can go through and see the different designers as well as examples of the work they’ve done for other clients and the price they charge. Once you’ve decided which designer you want, click on their gig. I always suggest looking for Freelancers that have a 5-star rating & over 300 reviews.

6) Choose Your Logo Package

Now that you’ve clicked on the designer you want, look on the right-hand side of their gig and choose the “Basic” package. The basic package is always the cheapest one that the designer offers. You click to proceed to order and once you’ve done so you can begin to explain to the designer what your business is about and the type of logo you’re hoping for them to provide you.

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Concluding Cheap Logo Design South Africa

For the little amount the logo designers charge on Fiverr, you’ll be so pleasantly surprised as to the good quality of work that they produce. You’re also able to ask for changes if you’re not happy with the end product. It is very seldom that I’ve ever been unhappy with a product that I’ve purchased on Fiverr. The most important thing when buying affordable logos or anything on Fiverr is to make sure that the gig you purchase is one that is reputable, has a high rating, and has many positive customer reviews. If you have any questions or problems with buying a logo on Fiverr in South Africa then comment below and I’ll get back to you and help.